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About Us

The Computers for Schools - Nova Scotia Program (CFS-NS) began in January of 1994. A Workshop was opened in Dartmouth and a Coordinator was hired. Over 20 years later there are now five (5) workshop and one (1) warehouse operating across the province.

CFS-NS program mandate is to refurbish used, but still useable, computer equipment for distribution to schools. libraries and qualified educational organizations across Nova Scotia. Over 5,000 computers are distributed each year from the program.

The structure for the operation of CFS-NS is as follows:

Steering Committee: Consists of members from the Federal, Provincial and Private Sector whom meet bi-annually. The committee is responsible for the business plans, budgets, policy making, program program and approves all major operational issues. The Coordinator and Administrator for CFS-NS report to the Steering Committee.

Executive Committee: Consists of four members from the Steering Committee plus the program Coordinator and Administrator whom meet bi-monthly. The committee is responsible for the day to day operation of CFS-NS. The program Coordinator and Administrator report to the Executive Committee as well as the Steering Committee.

Operations Committee: Consists of program Coordinator, Administrator and all five (5) workshop supervisors. The committee meets quarterly to discuss the management of the workshops, the Technical Work Experience Program (TWEP) Trainees, recommendations for training program and improvements for the program as a whole.

The refurbishing and preparation of the used equipment cannot be done without people.

CFS-NS provides Nova Scotia's young people between 18 and 30, with valuable work experience through the Technology Work Experience Program (TWEP). Each year CFS-NS employs more than 10 recent IT graduates looking for that valuable first-work experience. Volunteers also play a role in handling and preparing the computers for distribution. Each years dozens of dedicated volunteers around the province help with handling, sorting and preparing the equipment for re-use. The refurbishing takes place in workshops throughout the province in Halifax, Dartmouth, Sydney, Truro and Kentville.

To successfully operate an organization such as CFS-NS is takes valuable partners. CFS-NS is proud to have Nova Scotia School Boards Association, Nova Scotia Department of Education, Industry Canada, Aliant Pioneers Volunteers, Microsoft and CN as partners. Their contribution and dedication to the programs has enabled our success to grow each year.

If you like further information on our program, please call our office at 902-424-3596.